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1 Introduction

This TYNDP, as with the previous edition, together with the Project of ­Common Interest (PCI) selection process, is key to the development of gas ­infra­structures. Gas infrastructures, along with the implementation of harmonised business rules, are fundamental steps towards the European Internal Energy Market.

The TYNDP intends to provide transparent and thorough information to stakeholders. From one edition to another ENTSOG is constantly improving its TYNDP report, taking into account all the valuable feedback received by stakeholders in the past editions.

To facilitate and further support EU decarbonization targets, with the TYNDP 2020 ENTSOG has taken a step forward and has opened its TYNDP 2020 project data collection also to Energy ­Transition projects (ETR).

From 30 July 2018 to 14 September 2018 ENSTOG has run a survey on TYNDP 2018 project collection to receive feedback from project promoters who submitted their project(s) to TYNDP 2018. The feedback received has been used by ENTSOG to improve the TYNDP 2020 Practical Implementation Document and the TYNDP 2020 project data ­collection process.

Project information provided in this TYNDP covers basic technical data, the maturity status of infrastructure projects and, outlined in the assessment chapters, the overall impact of projects relating to all four pillars of the European Energy policy: ­competition, security of supply, market integration and sustainability.

Projects submitted for TYNDP 2020 present ­different level of maturity and their inclusion in the ­TYNDP does not make their development legally ­binding.

Starting with the TYNDP 2018 edition, the submitted projects have also to comply with specific administrative and technical criteria for their inclusion in the TYNDP, as defined in the “ENTSOG Practical implementation document (PID) for developing the 10-year network development plan 2020”1. This document follows the European Commission’s ­recommendation on “Guidelines on equal treatment and transparency criteria to be applied by ENTSO-E and ENTSOG when developing their TYNDPs”, as set out in Annex III.2 (5) of Regulation (EU) No 347/20132. In line with ENTSOG Practical implementation document, project promoters were asked as part of the project collection to provide data and documents as a proof for the fulfilment of the administrative and technical ­criteria.

The ENTSOG Practical implementation document was consulted in a dedicated workshop held on 24 November 2017.

Compared to the first version published for TYNDP 2018, the ENTSOG Practical implementation ­document for developing the TYNDP 2020 takes on board feedback received from relevant ­stakeholder and includes criteria for the new project category of Energy Transition (ETR) projects (described in section 5.3.4). A webinar on the TYNDP 2020 ­ENTSOG Practical implementation document was held on 13 February 20193.

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