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4 TYNDP 2022 on its way:
a hydrogen-ready TYNDP to support the EU climate and Energy ambitions

R&D: an adapted model to support the EU Hydrogen and Energy System Integration strategies

ENTSOG is committed to the future of the energy system in Europe. For this purpose, TYNDP ­scenarios were developed in line with European ­climate and Energy ambitions.

To support the EU decarbonisation targets, ­ENTSOG TYNDP 2020 has taken a further step into this direction by collecting for the first time Energy Transition (ETR) projects. The assessment of the sustainability impact of the ETR projects ­confirms the capability of ENTSOG TYNDP to ­assess the ­renewable and decarbonised projects.

Further anticipating the future challenges to come, ENTSOG with TYNDP 2020 has paved the way to enhance its modelling capabilities in terms of ­assessing a hybrid gas system where methane and hydrogen coexist. The assessment of infrastructure projects in a hybrid dual gas quality system where the hydrogen market could be composed of several clusters and relying on a cross border ­interconnected hydrogen infrastructure or in a blend with natural gas. The final requirement for ENTSOG is to be able to deliver its next TYNDPs in line with the recently published Hydrogen and ­Energy System Integration strategies of the ­European Union.

This assessment framework, based on the current gas CBA methodology and its roadmap has been done in parallel to developing TYNDP 2020 and has delivered promising results for ENTSOG to be ­confident in its ability to assess future hybrid ­infrastructure and provide the European ­Commission with the necessary insights to support the development of the hybrid infrastructure in case such projects would be included in the future TYNDP editions.

With the work undertaken in the last two years, ENTSOG confirms that its model is fit for hybrid network assessment where both methane and ­hydrogen coexist, according to the three pathways identified in the ENTSOG Roadmap (methane, blending and hydrogen), and that the relevant ­projects can be assessed.

The test confirms that a dedicated hydrogen infrastructure as well as a gas network with hydrogen blending can support the development of supply and demand including hydrogen locally produced within the EU, while ensuring security of supply.

Looking forward to 2022 !
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